Sentence Examples

  • Also known as woodbine, these vines are known for their ability to cling tenaciously to their support structures that they are able to cut off circulation in actively growing trees, essentially strangling them over time.
  • Periclymenum, the woodbine; L.
  • Some of the garden varieties of the woodbine are very beautiful, and are held in high esteem for their delicious fragrance, even the wild plant, with its pale flowers, compensating for its sickly looks " with never-cloying odours."
  • Smilax, clematis, honeysuckle and woodbine are the commoner forest vines.
  • Since 1881 colonies of Hebrews have been established in the southern part of the state, among them being Alliance (1881), Rosenhayn (2882), Carmel (1883), and, most noted of all, Woodbine, which owes its origin to the liberality of Baron de Hirsch, and contains the Baron de Hirsch Agricultural and Industrial School.