Woebegone Definition

wōbĭ-gôn, -gŏn
Feeling, showing, or expressing deep sorrow, grief, or wretchedness.
American Heritage
Webster's New World
Of woeful appearance; looking sorrowful, mournful, or wretched.
Webster's New World
Of an inferior or deplorable condition.
A rundown, woebegone old shack.
American Heritage

Filled with or deeply affected by woe.


Origin of Woebegone

  • Middle English wo begon beset with woe wo woe woe begon past participle of begon to beset (from Old English begān) (be- be-) (gān to go go1)

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • Old English, “woe has beset me", from wo (“woe") + begon (“to beset, to surround")

    From Wiktionary

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