Sentence Examples

  • BestBuy, for example, is one of the largest electronics stores in North America, not only selling you a widescreen TV, dishwasher, MP3 player, and cell phone, but also video game titles and accessories for just about every current console.
  • Widescreen Monitors: While a larger screen is nice to have, most computer programs and websites are designed for traditional views and a widescreen monitor will not facilitate the operation of the computer in any way.
  • If you are using a widescreen 16:9 aspect television (many LCD, DLP, and plasma televisions are widescreen), then you will still have three rows, but five columns instead of four.
  • You do need high definition and widescreen in most cases as the information is transferred from the Apple TV to your television through the use of an HDMI cable.
  • While the current PSP has its controls on either side of a widescreen display, the PSP Go hides its controls in a portion that slides out the bottom.