Sentence Examples

  • C/i, epidermis; st stoma; me,, mesophyil; pal, palisade; spa, spongy tissue; Isp, inteicellular space; wi., water tissue; x, xylem; p/i, phioem; Phil, phloeoterma; sri, scierenchyma.
  • Introductory: Abrahams, Short History of Jewish Literature (London, 1906); Steinschneider, Jewish Literature (London, 18 57); Winter and Wi nsche, Die jitdische Literatur (Leip;ig, 1893-1895) (containing selections translated into German).
  • - If W 1 is the weight of the train in pounds and a the acceleration in feet per second, the force required to produce the acceleration is f = Wi a / g (19) And if V is the average speed during the change of velocity implied by the uniform acceleration a, the rate at which work is done by this force is fV= W1Va /g (20) or in horse-power units Time occupied in the change - 13 - 0 113.
  • In a state of steady motion d4- 121 _S22 Tit °' - fl 4=1G = nt, suppose, S21 -F9,277 = S2co, d4 a2+c2 WI- 1 a2-c2S21' _ 2a 2 SZ dt a2+c2cos' a 2 + c 2 a, 2 a 2 S2 I- a2_c22--a2+C2,0, 1a2 c2)2 (a 2 -c 2) (9a2-c2) ?
  • Wi lcker, Urkunden and Schreiben betreffend den Zug der Armagnaken (Frankfort, 1873) Witte, Die Armagnaken im Elsass, 1 439 - 1 445 (Strassburg, 1889).