Sentence Examples

  • Throat cultures can also be used to identify other disease organisms that are present in the patient's throat and to identify people who are carriers of organisms that cause meningitis and whooping cough, among other diseases.
  • The name comes from a typical cough which starts with a deep inhalation, followed by a series of quick, short coughs that continues until the air is expelled from the lungs, and ends with a long shrill, whooping inhalation.
  • Besides other varieties of strep organisms, these organisms may include Candida albicans, which can cause thrush; Corynebacterium diphtheriae, which can cause diphtheria; and Bordetella pertussis, which can cause whooping cough.
  • As they approached the building, a large group of people came out whooping and yelling.
  • I also heard the whooping of the ice in the pond, my great bed-fellow in that part of Concord, as if it were restless in its bed and would fain turn over, were troubled with flatulency and had dreams; or I was waked by the cracking of the ground by the frost, as if some one had driven a team against my door, and in the morning would find a crack in the earth a quarter of a mile long and a third of an inch wide.