Sentence Examples

  • A small whitehead or blackhead may leave behind a red or brown mark which will diminish over time, but inflamed and pus-filled pimples often result in longer-lasting scars or a pitted appearance.
  • Whitehead, 1910) and Our Knowledge of the External World (1914).
  • Whitehead, Principia Mathematica (Cambridge, 1911).
  • Fiennes married (1), Elizabeth, daughter of the famous parliamentarian Sir John Eliot, by whom he had one son, afterwards 3rd Viscount Saye and Sele; and (2), Frances, daughter of Richard Whitehead of Tuderley, Hants, by whom he had three daughters.
  • On both coasts there are several frequented watering-places, of which may be mentioned on the north Portrush (with well-known golf links), Port Ballintrae and Ballycastle; on the east Cushendun, Cushendall and Milltown on Red Bay, Carn Lough and Glenarm, Larne, and Whitehead on Belfast Lough.