Sentence Examples

  • Just like with cattle, white-hot hot metal is most often used to mark the skin in human branding.
  • But it is not very well adapted to large furnaces, and especially not to those cases where all the space round the furnace is required for manipulating heavy, white-hot masses of iron, or for similar purposes.
  • - Ferrous sulphide, FeS, results from the direct union of its elements, best by stirring molten sulphur with a white-hot iron rod, when the sulphide drops to the bottom of the crucible.
  • Wastes power and, still worse, time, heat, and metal, because the yellowor even white-hot piece is rapidly cooling down and oxidizing.
  • In addition to the above facts of polarization mention may be made of the partial polarization, in a plane perpendicular to that of emission, of the light emitted in an oblique direction from a white-hot solid, and of the polarization produced by diffraction.