Sentence Examples

  • Avatar Jake Sully - The protagonist of the story, you can find this character in a variety of poses and colors, including an action figure featuring Jake Sulley as he is on earth-in a wheelchair.
  • While most beds are raised only slightly off the ground, there is no reason why a raised bed garden can't be built high enough to accommodate someone in a wheelchair or with back problems.
  • As a matter of fact, putting in a pocket door can add 15 square feet of usable space to your room, enhance wheelchair access, and keep your space looking light and airy while still providing privacy when you need it.
  • Bedrooms should be located for convenient access to the bathroom and adequate space should be provided around the bed for wheelchair access with convenient storage near the bed for braces, prostheses, and clothing.
  • Potential benefits of this surgical procedure include pain relief, reduced spasticity to improve walking or aid sitting in a wheelchair, increased ability to bend at the waist, and improved use of the hands.