Sentence Examples

  • "Train-oil" proper is the northern whale-oil, but this term has been applied to all blubber oils, and in Germany, to all marine animal oils - fish-oils, liver oils, and blubber oils.
  • Whale-oil varies in colour from a bright honey yellow to a dark brown, according to the condition of the blubber from which it has been extracted.
  • WHALE-OIL, the oil obtained from the blubber of various species of the genus Balaena, as B.
  • When separated and pressed, this deposit is known as whale tallow, and the oil from which it is removed is distinguished as pressed whale-oil; this, owing to its limpidity, is sometimes passed as sperm-oil.
  • The most important whale-oil is sperm or spermaceti oil, yielded by the sperm-whales.