Sentence Examples

  • You can also check out the Dealers section on the Maui Jim website to find a retailer near you that will be glad to help you decide if the Whaler is right for you.
  • If you need prescription lenses, check with your local optical shop to see if they can order the Whaler frame for you (or if they already have it in stock).
  • Seriously, if Dr. Drew is in need of a few residents for the next season of Celebrity Rehab, why not give Whaler a call?
  • Nantucket's last whaler sailed in 1869.
  • In 1712 a Nantucket whaler, Christopher Hussey, blown out to sea, killed some sperm whales and thus introduced the sperm-oil industry and put an end to the period in which only driftand shoreor boat-whaling had been carried on - the shore fishery died out about 1760.