Sentence Examples

  • Their ministers, silenced by Wentworth, after an ineffectual attempt to reach New England, fled to Scotland, and there took a leading part in the great movement of 1638.
  • From 1761 to 1763 Governor John Wentworth of New Hampshire issued 108 grants, and settlements were established in Brattleboro, Putney, Westminster, Halifax, Marlborough, Wilmington, New Fane, Rockingham, Townshend, Vernon (Hinsdale) and Dummerston (all in Windham county, except Vernon, which is in Cheshire county).
  • THOMAS WENTWORTH HIGGINSON (1823-), American author and soldier, was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on the 22nd of December 1823.
  • "Surely," said Parker to Peter Wentworth, "you will refer yourselves wholly to us therein."
  • "No, by the faith I bear to God," retorted Wentworth,"we will pass nothing before we understand what it is; for that were but to make you popes.