Sentence Examples

  • He kept up the communication for six months, in all weathers, and found that ordinary commercial messages could be transmitted at the rate of 15 to 20 words a minute.
  • The surface is often remarkably honeycombed, and the rock weathers into pinnacles, pillars and arches of extraordinary shapes.
  • Weathers, Practical Guide to Garden Plants (1901).
  • Meanwhile, against Mustapha's better judgment, Piali induced the council of war to attack St Elmo, in order to open the way for his fleet to an anchorage, safe in all weathers, in Marsamuscetto harbour.
  • The harbour formed by the Bay of Tangier is an extensive one, the best Morocco possesses, and good in all weathers except during a strong east wind, but vessels of any size have to anchor a mile or so out as the shore to the west is shallow and sandy, and to the east, rocky and shingly.