Sentence Examples

  • Thus, the equation 2112+02 =2H20 not only represents that certain definite weights of hydrogen and oxygen furnish a certain definite weight of the compound which we term water, but that if the water in the state of gas, the hydrogen and the oxygen are all measured at the same temperature and pressure, the volume occupied by the oxygen is only half that occupied by the hydrogen, whilst the resulting water-gas will only occupy the same volume as the hydrogen.
  • This form of apparatus has been very generally adopted in Great Britain as well as in America, and practically all carburetted water-gas plants are founded upon the same set of actions.
  • The water-gas shows 4 to 5% carbon dioxide, 40% carbon monoxide, o 8% methane, 48 to 51% hydrogen, 4 or 5% nitrogen.
  • Ioo parts coke (of 7000 calories) furnish 4 2% of their heat value as water-gas and 42% as Siemens gas.
  • The water-gas itself is made for 7 minutes, and has an average composition of 3.3% carbon dioxide, 44% carbon monoxide, o 4% methane, 48.6% hydrogen, 3.7% nitrogen, and a heating value of 2970 calories per cub.