Sentence Examples

  • Thomas Warton remarks on his lucidity.
  • 7, 1752 to March 9, 1 754), Hawkesworth, Johnson, Bathurst, Warton, Chapone; World (Jan.
  • 30, 1756), Colman, Thornton, Warton, earl of Cork, &c. Idler (April 15, 1758 to April 5, 1760), Johnson, Sir J.
  • Dr Warton, in his observations upon Pope's line, "Unthought-of frailties cheat us in the wise," says, "Who could imagine that Locke was fond of romances; that Newton once studied astrology; that Dr Clarke valued himself on his agility, and frequently amused himself in a private room of his house in leaping over the tables and chairs ?"
  • Both Joseph Warton and Dr Parr accused Middleton of deliberate plagiarism, which was the more likely to have escaped detection owing to the small number of existing copies of Bellenden's work.