Sentence Examples

  • If you point the WAP web browser on your Boost Mobile phone to the appropriate website, it is possible to download the ringtone directly to your phone.
  • No longer are they satisfied with simple WAP mobile web, because they want the same HTML and Java experience that they have on their desktop computers.
  • A cheaper alternative is to use a standard phone to view WAP sites, since this can be included in an "unlimited mobile browsing" plan for under $10.
  • These can arise from loading the WAP page and from downloading the ringtone file itself.
  • By comparing this with the expression for the centrifugal force (wap/g), it appears that the actual energy of a revolving body is equal to the potential energy Fp/2 due to the action of the deflecting force along one-half of the radius of curvature of the path of the body.