Sentence Examples

  • Each boot is similar to the Wallaby Lo style in height and shape, and it resembles one character in its entirety instead of just featuring a handful of ladybugs scattered across the upper, for example.
  • From the Classic Collection comes the Mel, a shoe with an upper that rises to the ankle, not unlike a desert boot or wallaby.
  • The classic style that mimics the ones in the adult lines is the Wallaby, available in Hi, Lo, and Mini heights.
  • - Skull and teeth of Bennett's Wallaby (Macropus ruficollis bennettii): i l, i 2, i 3, first, second and third upper incisors; pm, second premolar (the first having been already shed); m l, m 2, m 3, m4, last premolar and three molars.
  • The sorts used for carriage aprons, coat linings and the outside of motor coats include: blue kangaroo, bush kangaroo, bridled kangaroo, wallaroo, yellow kangaroo, rock wallaby, swamp wallaby and short-tailed wallaby.