Sentence Examples

  • But it is much more likely that Wagner would then have found his artistic difficulties too formidable to let the ideas descend to us from Walhalla and the Hall of the Grail at all.
  • Are we to guess that the connexion of ideas is that Wotan had eventually to pay for Walhalla by the ring?
  • The gods, as the giants plaintively admit, " rule by beauty"; hence the " Walhalla-motif."
  • The more imposing of the two is the Walhalla, a costly reproduction of the Parthenon, erected as a Teutonic temple of fame on a hill rising from the Danube at Donaustauf, 6 m.
  • As visible signs of his permanent services to art Munich possesses the Walhalla, the Glyptothek, the two Pinakotheken, the Odeon, the University, and many other magnificent buildings both sacred and profane.