Sentence Examples

  • The language is generally nervous and vigorous, occasionally vivified with imaginative energy.
  • Between this opening and this close the pageant of history and of legend, marshalled and vivified by the will and the hand of the poet, ranges through an infinite variety of action and passion, of light and darkness, of terror and pity, of lyric rapture and of tragic triumph.
  • Deep-set, changeable, dark eyes vivified his mobile features, and set off his light hair and fair, ruddy complexion.
  • Though not a philosopher he is an admirable interpreter of those branches of philosophy which are fitted for practical application, and he presents us with the results of Greek reflection vivified by his own human sympathies and his large experience of men.
  • Rankine, was therefore much vivified by Lord Kelvin's specification (Comptes Rendus, 1889) of a material gyrostatically constituted medium which would possess this character.

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