Sentence Examples

  • Selena Gomez: A musician as well as an actress, Selena Gomez has also recorded a cover of Cruella de Vil from the movie classic 101 Dalmatians and songs for the soundtrack to the Disney movie Princess Protection Program.
  • 1853) Le Reveil du sentiment religieux en France au X Vil e siecle, by Strowski (Paris, 1898); Four Essays on S.
  • The active encouragement of King Edward VIL., at whose instance in 1902 he was invited officially to be present at the coronation ceremony, marked the completeness of the change; and when, in 1905, the "general" went on a progress through England, he was received in state by the mayors and corporations of many towns.
  • ViL-viii.
  • He was then director of the college of Senlis, where he composed his Esprit de la Ligue ou histoire politique des troubles de la Fronde pendant le X VI e et le X Vil e siecles (1767).