Sentence Examples

  • We were able to see the salubrious surroundings of Swansea City's Vetch Field on a free transfer.
  • Both men are Swans' rejects - the latter departed the Vetch just three months ago.
  • Horseshoe Vetch (Hippocrepis Comosa) - A small prostrate British plant, with pretty little deep-yellow flowers, in coronilla-like crowns, the upper petal faintly veined with brown, the pinnate leaves small and leaflets smooth.
  • Milk Vetch (Astragalus) - A large family of alpine and perennial leguminous plants, not many of which are valuable for the garden.
  • The tendrils of a vetch and of a cucumber are analogous, and also homologous because they both belong to the category leaf; but they are only analogous to the tendrils of the vine and of the passion-flower, which belong to the category stem.