Sentence Examples

  • Surely he didn't intend to be verbally invisible the entire visit.
  • Already in 1087 and 1088 he had appealed to Baldwin of Flanders, verbally and by letter,' for troops; and Baldwin had answered the appeal.
  • It's like he needed her to be his punching bag, at least verbally if not physically.
  • As Aristotle puts it, the syllogism is directed " not to the outer, but to the inner discourse," or as we should say, not to the expression but to the thought, not to the proposition but to the judgment, and to the inference not verbally but mentally.
  • It is a notable feature of the new movement, that except verbally, in a certain licence of nominalist expression, due to the swing of the pendulum away from the realist doctrine of universals, there is little that we can characterize as Empiricism.