Sentence Examples

  • There are many sorts grown, and a selection should include Phosphore, Don Calmet, Distinction, Eclat, Victoire, La Neige, Feu Follet, Pluie dOr, Ver Luisant, Ne Plus Ultra, Eldorado, and Heroine.
  • En algunos casos, usted puede poder ver una exploración real de la invitación española del bautismo antes de que usted apruebe el resto de la impresión.
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  • Accordingly recourse is had, tinder the direction of the Sibylline books, to new forms of appeal for the divine help, the general vowing of the ver sacrum and the elaborate Greek lectisternium after Trasimene in 217 B.C., and the human sacrifice in the forum after Cannae in the following year.
  • This arrangement often continues during the life of the plant, but at other times it changes, passing into distichous and spiral forms. Some tribes of plants are distinguished by their opposite or ver ticillate, others by their alternate, leaves.