Sentence Examples

  • The advantage to this is that you can find nearly everything you missed, if you forgot to set the DVR or VCR, or are in a circumstance where it's easier to watch TV on your computer rather than your television set.
  • While early serials were really aiming at the stay-at-home wife and mother, the modern inventions of TiVo, DVR, VCR, Internet and SOAPnet, let fans catch up with their favorite daytime dramas anytime.
  • If you know your sweetie would like a tape or VHS not made into CD or DVD, you can see about either buying a tape player or VCR with the specific media so your sweetie can enjoy it.
  • The VCR allowed high school and college students to keep up with their favorite daytime dramas, including General Hospital, without missing school to do so.
  • General Hospital fans may not be able to watch their episodes every day, even with the VCR, the DVR and episode clips that are featured on the Internet.