Sentence Examples

  • The vascular tissue is typically separable into distinct collateral bundles (figs.
  • The root differs from the shoot in the characters of its surface tissues, in the absence of the green assimilative pigment chlorophyll, in the arrangement of its vascular system and in the mode of growth at the apex, all features which are in direct relation to its normally subterranean life and its fixative and absorptive functions.
  • This is especially the case in the young vascular bundles themselves (desmogen strands).
  • In such cases the vascular system is said to be polycyclic in contrast with the ordinary monocyclic condition, These internal strands or cylinders are to be regarded as peculiar types of elaboration of the stele, and probably act as reservoirs for water-storage which can be drawn upon when the water supply from the root is deficient.
  • In the Vascular Plants this tissue is collectively known as the vascular system.