Sentence Examples

  • ABRAHAM-MEN, the nickname for vagrants who infested England in Tudor times.
  • The keepers of common lodging-houses are required to limewash their walls and ceilings in the months of April and October in every year, and if paupers or vagrants are received to lodge, they may be required to report as to the persons who have resorted thereto.
  • In the thickly settled parts of the United States the number of trespassers killed on the railway tracks, including vagrants who suffer in collisions and derailments while stealing rides, is very large.
  • The whole number of paupers, besides vagrants, in 1908 was 23.02 per moo of state population, and the cost of relief ($5,104,2J5) was $1.699 for each inhabitant of the state.
  • In former times Mexico was overrun with mendicants (pordioseros), vagrants and criminals (rateros), and the " Portales de las Flores " on the east of the Plaza Mayor was a favourite " hunting-ground " for them because of its proximity to the cathedral; but modern conditions have largely reduced this evil.