Sentence Examples

  • The magazine subscription price of around $25 USD per year is small compared to the vast amounts of helpful hints, tips and information it offers about home winemaking.
  • The Consumer Search website notes that some of the best recognition software is Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10, Sometimes a program that might be financially a burden, costing upwards of $180 USD depending on the purchase location.
  • If you are looking for the historical Libor USD, you are looking for the Libor rates which reflect the interest rates for inter-bank lending of United States Dollars in the London financial market.
  • The most expensive would have to be the Victoria's Secret Fantasy bras, which are made of gemstones and ridiculously priced at something like $10 million USD.
  • Once attending USD Law, we highly encourage our students to take advantage of our Academic Support Program which offers a variety of services and programs specially designed to help first-year law students succeed.