Sentence Examples

  • Regardless of whether a patient is suffering from Type I or Type II diabetes, the affected person will have an excess amount of glucose circulating throughout the bloodstream due to inadequate insulin production or uptake.
  • Increasing your overall wellbeing is not a difficult undertaking and a moderate uptake of exercise at regular intervals, twinned with a sensible diet is the best approach to take.
  • It's there in the photos of the star running in a bikini or simply enjoying herself while lounging pool side that we see a significant uptake in the chatter about Britney.
  • To wit, there is a difference between how much of a food you ingest, and how much of that food is available for cellular uptake and physiological use.
  • Liquid Organic Life Vitamins provide nutritional support for people with dietary deficiencies or health conditions which affect nutrient uptake.