Sentence Examples

  • You don't want to risk entering your credit card information into an unverified website, and possibly suffer from identity fraud.
  • Cons: Limited to computers and electronics, vendors' reputation may be unverified.
  • The problems of geography had been lightened by the destructive criticism of the French cartographer D'Anville (who had purged the map of the world of the last remnants of traditional fact unverified by modern observations) and rendered richer by the dawn of the new era of scientific travel, when Kant brought his logical powers to bear upon them.
  • This theory, however, depended upon unverified assumptions, such as the supposed silence of theologians about the creed at the beginning of the 9th century; the suggestion that the completed creed would have been useful to them if they had known it as a weapon against the heresy of Adoptianism; the assertion that no MS. containing the complete text was of earlier date than c. 813.
  • Again, the argument that " conduct is good or bad according as its total effects are pleasurable or painful," and that ultimately " pleasure-giving acts are life-sustaining acts," seems to involve Spencer in a multitude of unverified assumptions and contradictory theories.