Sentence Examples

  • Today, lip plumpers have been fine tuned to correct these unfavorable side effects while delivering their promise: to temporarily banish thin lips in just one application.
  • Color: If you're buying for yourself, this is easy because either you like the color or you don't, but at the same time, having an unfavorable color, so to speak, can be overcome if it is the official colors of your favorite team.
  • There are no complications per se from the tests themselves with the exception of unfavorable test results or supine (lying horizontality on the back) hypotension secondary to a pregnant woman lying on her back for an ultrasound.
  • Group V (very unfavorable for maintenance of sight): large tumors involving more than half of the retina, or vitreous seeding, in which small pieces of tumor are broken off and floating around the inside of the eye.
  • The study hypothesizes that women who have a history of intrauterine device expulsion are likely to have "unfavorable uterine conditions," which may include poor positioning, small size, and subtle malformation.