Sentence Examples

  • The act of 1670 gave to informers a pecuniary interest (they were to have one-third of the fine imposed) in hunting down Nonconformists who broke the law, and this and other statutes were unduly strained to secure convictions.
  • One main fault of the Speculum Historiale is the unduly large space devoted to miracles.
  • He unduly favoured his own countrymen, and for three years after the Sicilian Vespers (Mar.
  • The picture, too, which it gives of the danger lest the Christianity of its readers should be unduly Judaic in feeling and practice, suits well the experiences of a writer living in Alexandria, where Judaism was immensely strong.
  • The German constituencies, though allotted in a proportion unduly favourable, left the Germans, with 233 seats, in a permanent minority as compared with the 259 Slav seats.