Sentence Examples

  • The fleet was at once despatched to secure Liguria, and on the 14th of March Otho, undismayed by omens and prodigies, started northwards at the head of his troops in the hopes of preventing the entry of the Vitellian troops into Italy.
  • Undismayed, he attacked the mass of litter and with his own hands removed 3000 barrow-loads.
  • In the hour of danger he was undismayed, as in the hour of victory he was just and merciful.
  • It was the end of July 1864 before he was joined by these monitors; and on the 5th of August, undismayed by the loss of his leading ship, the monitor "Tecumseh," sunk by a torpedo, he forced the passage into the bay, destroyed or captured the enemy's ships, including the ram "Tennessee" bearing Admiral Buchanan's flag, and took possession of the forts.