Sentence Examples

  • Hamilton stigmatized his great opponent as a political fanatic; but actualist as he claimed to be, 9 Hamilton could not see, or would not concede, the predominating forces in American life, and would uncompromisingly have minimized the two great political conquests of the colonial period - local selfgovernment and democracy.
  • Yahweh of Moses was found, and scattered traces survive of a definite belief in the entrance into Palestine of a movement uncompromisingly devoted to the purer worship of Yahweh.
  • The casuistry of primitive man is uncompromisingly legal.
  • But Zarlino uncompromisingly declared that the syntonous or intense diatonic scale was the only form that could reasonably be sung; and in proof of its perfection he exhibited the exact arrangement of its various diatonic intervals, to the fifth inclusive, in every part of the diapason or octave.
  • His speech on their departure was uncompromisingly Italian and Liberal.