Sentence Examples

  • 2 Herein are contained more than nine hundred coloured and more than one hundred uncoloured plates, which are crowded with the figures of birds, a large proportion of them reduced copies from other works, and especially those of Gould.
  • However, to have conceived the idea of executing a work on so grand a scale as this - it forms three folio volumes, and contains one hundred and eighty-five coloured and one hundred and forty-eight uncoloured plates, with references to upwards of two thousand four hundred generic names - was in itself a mark of genius, and it was brought to a successful conclusion in 1849.
  • Of uncoloured glass brought from Constantinople several examples exist in the treasury of St Mark's at Venice, part of the plunder of the imperial city when taken by the crusaders in 1204.
  • Since the first term represents a stream of white light, the plate will appear uncoloured whenever the plane of polarization of either stream transmitted by it coincides with either the primitive or final plane of polarization.
  • The uncoloured portions are the dentine or ivory, the shaded parts the cement filling the cavities and surrounding the exterior.

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