Sentence Examples

  • Manzoni, Scoria della colonna infame), and he was sometimes guilty of unblushing plagiarism.
  • Had been consecrated by the greatness of his character and aims, was less impressive when it served as a cloak for an unlimited personal ambition and a family pride which displayed itself in unblushing nepotism.
  • This position he was not long to hold; and the fierce exultation of Mary at the news of his murder gave to those who believed in her complicity with the murderer, on whom a pension was bestowed by her unblushing gratitude, fresh reason to fear, if her liberty of correspondence and intrigue were not restrained, the likelihood of a similar fate for Elizabeth.
  • An unblushing nepotist, he alienated immense fiefs belonging to the Holy See in favour of his natural children.
  • Oppressive taxation and unblushing nepotism were Clement's great faults.