Sentence Examples

  • V. sambucifolia, with flowers white and borne in large umbelliferous heads in July, is among the more effective things for grouping in the mixed border, rising nearly 6 feet high and being considerably more than that across.
  • When unfolding they remind one of a finely-cut umbelliferous plant in spring; when fully grown the midribs are red; and in autumn the leaves glow off into a bright color after the fashion of American shrubs.
  • Giant Parsnip (Heracleum) - Umbelliferous perennials, mostly of gigantic growth, having huge spreading leaves and tall flower-stems, with umbelled clusters of small white flowers 1 foot or more across.
  • Giant Fennel (Ferula) - Very graceful umbelliferous plants long known in our botanic gardens, their charm consisting in large tufts of the freshest green leaves in early spring.
  • Melanoselinum Decipiens - An umbelliferous shrub from Madeira, with a round simple stem, bare below, and large, spreading compound leaves.