Sentence Examples

  • He was now generally recognized as the able and effective leader of the Ultramontane party among English Roman Catholics,.
  • The expression ultramontane was originally no more than a term of locality, characterizing the persons so described as living - or derived from - " beyond the mountains."
  • And the Jews - he to establish the tribunal and they to prevent him - was compiled, as the preface showed, to stem the Ultramontane reaction, but none the less carried weight because it was a recital of events with little or no comment or evidence of passion in its author.
  • In 1833 he went to Paris, and started L'Univers religieux, which afterwards became Louis Veuillot's ultramontane organ.
  • Active part in the states-general of 1614, when he vigorously upheld the ultramontane doctrines against the Third Estate.