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  • Among his publications, besides Letters and Times of the Tylers, are Parties and Patronage in the United States (1890); Cradle of the Republic (1900); England in America (1906) in the "American Nation" series, and Williamsburg, the Old Colonial Capital (1908).
  • Tyler, Letters and Times of the Tylers (3 vols., Richmond, Va., 1884-1896).
  • Tylers and Bricklayers.
  • The marrorial system was already doomed, and the rent-paying tenant farmers, who had begun to appear after the Black Death, gradually superseded the villeins as the normal type of peasantry during the two generations that followed the outbreak that is generally known as Wat Tylers rebellion.
  • This led to the same results that had been~seen in Tylers day.

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