Sentence Examples

  • All Musicals - The All Musicals website offers lyrics from a few different stage productions of the show, as the lyrics have been tweaked slightly over the years.
  • The Beatles' 1968 release Hey Jude was a slightly tweaked version of a song Paul McCartney wrote for John Lennon's son Julian to help him cope with his parents' divorce and his father's relationship with Yoko Ono.
  • Women have tweaked their figures with shapewear for centuries, and today, plus-size shapewear slips offer a number of options to give women the look they desire when wearing their favorite dress.
  • With a few exceptions, keys are no longer needed to open treasure chests or doors (save for a select few on each level) and the battle system has been tweaked for the better.
  • Their selection is huge, so you should be able to find either exactly what you're looking for or something close enough to easily be tweaked to match the image in your mind.