Sentence Examples

  • Tw, Tentacle root.
  • Multiplying through by w we obtain Tw = 2FwD = 2µWwD = RV (4) This is a fundamental energy equation for any form of locomotive in which there is only one driving-axle.
  • If there are several driving-axles in a train, the product Tw must be estimated for each separately; then the sum of the products will be equal to RV.
  • The power of a motor is measured by the rate at which it works, and this is expressed by Tw =T 60N in foot-pounds per second.
  • Kai Tote SLa/3Xii€ 1 lcsa%E1v TO KO.p¢OS TO 'iv' TW 643aXpW T06 6.5EX(60U e ov.

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