Sentence Examples

  • The nest, under a tussock of grass or a stone, is constructed of short dry straws, and usually lined with hair.
  • West of the dividing crest they are forest clad; east thereof their stony grimness is but slightly softened by growths of scrub and tussock grass.
  • High with leaves arranged like a fan; it is a native of the Falkland and certain antarctic islands where it is known as tussock grass.
  • The beaches and lower lands are covered with a dense growth of tussock grass (Spartina arundinacea), 8 to 10 ft.
  • Two vegetable products, the " balsam bog " (Bolas glebaria) and the " tussock grass " (Dactylis caespitosa) have been objects of curiosity and interest ever since the first accounts of the islands were given.