Sentence Examples

  • It is usually to be met with in the form of turnings or raspings, the former being obtained in the maufacture of the "bitter cups" which are made of this wood.
  • The precipitation is effected by zinc in the form of bright turnings, or coated with lead, or by electrolysis.
  • The gold and other metals are precipitated on the under surfaces of the turnings and fall to the bottom of the compartment as a black slime.
  • The slime is cleaned out fortnightly or monthly, the zinc turnings being cleaned by rubbing and the supernatant liquor allowed to settle in the precipitating boxes or in separate vessels.
  • 6 5, p. 3 2 5) obtained the metal by passing melted potash down a clay tube containing iron turnings or wire heated to whiteness, and Caradau (ibid.