Sentence Examples

  • The more complete replacements, such as the nephridia of the genital segment of Tubifex by a subsequently formed genital duct, may be compared with the succession of the nesonephros to the pronephros in vertebrates, and of the metanephros to the mesonephros in the higher vertebrates..
  • Archigetes appendiculatus lives throughout life in the coelom of Tubifex and of Limnodrilus.
  • Is said to produce fully developed gonads, and if kept in aquaria with Tubifex, the number of infected worms steadily increases, a fact pointing to the whole cycle being passed through, without the intermediation of a vertebrate host.
  • Caryophyllaeus is an elongated, flattened worm provided with one extremely mobile extremity, the other being drawn out during the animal's sojourn in Tubifex into a short hexacanth tail.
  • Caryophyllaeus mutabilis occurs in the roach and other fresh-water fish, and passes its earlier stages of development in fresh-water Oligochaets (Tubifex).

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