Sentence Examples

  • Naturally, it is among the free living forms that the parapodium is best developed, and least developed among the tubicolous belongs typically a long tentacle, the cirrus, which 'r podium or neuropodium, and may be developed into an arborescent gill or into a flat scale-like process, A the elytron (in Polynoe, &c.).
  • Among the burrowing and tubicolous forms it is not uncommon for the body to be distinguishable into two or more regions; a "thorax," for example, is sharply marked off from an "abdomen" in the Sabellids.
  • Frequently the foot is ciliated at the tip, as in the young of tubicolous forms.
  • Melicertaceae; females tubicolous, usually attached, or forming spherical floating social aggregates; males free swimming.
  • (a) Floscularidae; tubicolous, with a lobed disk, bearing stiff or vibratile setae.

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