Sentence Examples

  • Troopers are armed with lance, sword and carbine (for which in 1908 the substitution of a short rifle with bayonet was suggested).
  • To Pretoria Dr Jameson and his troopers were brought prisoners (January 1896) after the fight at Doornkop (to be handed over in few days to the British government), and thither also were brought the Reform Committee prisoners from Johannesburg.
  • It was a blunder to have allowed him to go, and the blunder ended in a tragedy, for while out on a reconnaissance with a few troopers they were surprised by Zulus, and the Prince Imperial was killed (June r, 1879).
  • The attack was impeded at first by obstacles of ground, but in the melee the weight of the British troopers gradually broke up the enemy, and the charge of the 4th Dragoon Guards, delivered against the flank of the Russian mass, was decisive.
  • I don't want a gang of storm troopers invading my mother-in-law's house at midnight to ask my wife a few simple questions.