Sentence Examples

  • There was little fighting, but the commando carried off between two and three hundred native women and children - some of whom were redeemed by their friends, and some escaped, while many of the children were apprenticed to farmers.
  • During the year a Boer commando under Paul Kruger and an army under Cetywayo were posted along the Utrecht border.
  • Warden led against the Basuto a commando composed of British soldiers, farmers and a native contingent.
  • This commando was defeated at Viervoet, near Thaba Nchu, by the Basuto, who thereafter raided and plundered the natives opposed to them and the farmers who had helped the British.
  • Returning south, Pretorius and his commando were surprised to learn that Port Natal had been occupied on the 4th of December by a detachment of the 72nd Highlanders sent thither from the Cape.