Sentence Examples

  • Like Paris and other Trojans, he had an Oriental name, Darius.
  • Again, it is said that Achilles, enamoured of Polyxena, the daughter of Priam, offered to join the Trojans on condition that he received her hand in marriage.
  • By Zeus she was the mother of Dardanus, Iasion (or Eetion), and Harmonia; but in the Italian tradition, which represented Italy as the original home of the Trojans, Dardanus was her son by a king of Italy named Corythus.
  • He fought on the side of the Trojans, and after greatly distinguishing himself by his bravery, was slain by Patroclus.
  • In Homer he is represented as an ideal warrior, the champion of the Trojans and the mainstay of the city.