Sentence Examples

  • Its composer would seem to have been a disciple of Walahf rid; for his interests are not confined to the churches, their reliquaries, and the ecclesiastical ceremonial of saint-days, but he takes a pleasure in transcribing ancient inscriptions.
  • When transcribing, you should abbreviate words to speed up the process.
  • Clad in full armour they are sent forth 1 The form valectus led to the spelling valect in transcribing from Latin documents.
  • The energies of the Italian people were devoted to transcribing codices, settling.
  • On the first score he makes but an equivocal acknowledgment, claiming to have thought on Schelling's lines before reading him; but it has been shown by Hamilton and Ferrier that besides transcribing much from Schelling without avowal he silently appropriated the learning of Maass on philosophical history.