Sentence Examples

  • Trend Hunter: Photographer Kesler Tran displays a gallery of photos that incorporate a variety of angles and poses.
  • (if tran - shipped in a European port Is.
  • Some conformed; a large number made their way to Holland (where the Remonstrants admitted them to membership on the basis of the Apostles' Creed); others to the German frontier; a contingent settled in Tran sylvania, not joining the Unitarian Church, but maintaining a distinct organization at Kolozsvar till 1793.
  • And other authorities, the reconstruction of archetypes, and the consideration of tran scriptional and intrinsic probability.
  • In 1599, on the abdication of Sigismund Bfithory in Transylvania, Michael, in league with the imperialist forces, and in connivance with the Saxon burghers, attacked and of Tran- defeated his successor Andreas Bathory near Hermannstadt, and, seizing himself the reins of government, secured his proclamation as prince of Transylvania.