Sentence Examples

  • Multiple sclerosis is not a death sentence, where methanol toxicity is.
  • The use of corn gluten in pet and food products is often touted as evidence of its safety and low toxicity, but does not address the question on every gluten-sensitive gardener's mind: is corn gluten safe for a gluten free lifestyle?
  • Too much vitamin D through toxicity or an overdose can cause the body to experience high levels of blood calcium, which can then be deposited in the heart and lungs, reducing their functioning and endangering an individual's health.
  • Parental concerns about mineral toxicity in most children should be directed toward preventing accidental consumption of iron and other mineral supplements in young children and in monitoring the adoption of fad diets in teenagers.
  • With regard to diseases leading to mineral toxicity, about one person in ten in the United States has the genetic mutation that can lead to hemochromatosis; however, not everyone with this mutation necessarily develops the disease.