Sentence Examples

  • Although chemotherapy can increase the likelihood of later development of another form of cancer, the American Cancer Society maintains that the need for chemotherapeutic bone-cancer treatment is much greater than the potential risk.
  • Immune systems may be weakened because of cancer chemotherapy, medications given after organ transplantation, or diseases that significantly lower immune resistance like acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).
  • Targeted molecular therapy, although as of 2004 still the subject of concentrated research, was being used effectively in pediatric study subjects where it has been shown to reduce the toxicity seen with conventional chemotherapy.
  • When undergoing or recovering from chemotherapy or radiation, it is important to use specially formulated creams and lotions to protect and heal the skin, and Lindi cancer skin care products are some of the best.
  • Husband and doctor Michael Brinkenhoff, after seeing the devastating results that his wife Gail underwent during chemotherapy, wanted to develop a product to help give her back her once long and lovely lashes.